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Weights vs Cardio

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

So which one of these is best for fat loss? Should I do weights or should I do cardio? I wish I had a pound for every time I'm asked this. So the answer to this question - Both!.

Yes doing a combination of cardio and weights is the way to go, I've been there and done it guys, me personally I can't stand cardio the thought of having to walk on the treadmill or jump on the cross trainer for more than 20 minutes makes me want to bolt in the other direction! I found weight training and fell in love with it, the heavier the better. I loved getting stronger, I loved the way my body shape changed and how much more energy I had.

Now it's a proven fact that the more you weigh the more calories you'll burn and the number of calories burnt during exercise depends on your body size and the intensity of your workouts.

So if you did 60 minutes of cardio you would burn more calories than if you did 60 minutes of weight training - but and a big but, you will burn more calories at rest after a weight training session. This is due to muscle mass being more metabolically active than any other tissue. Your metabolism is elevated after a weight training session but this doesn't occur after a cardio session.

Yes cardio may be more effective for weight loss if your doing 150 minutes per week but that includes all weight including muscle mass which we really don't want to lose but build. Weight training builds muscle tissue and burns fat, gives that all important muscular tone that so many men and women chase after, it strengthens joints and improves bone density which is especially important for women.

So like I said a combination of both weights and cardio will be best for improving overall body composition.

Most important thing to remember is that a healthy diet and good exercise program are the 2 most important factors for long term fat loss. Anyone following a fat loss program that includes exercise can lead to greater results and means you're more likely to be able to maintain those results long term.

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