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Ways to cut calories for fat loss

No need to starve yourself to lose weight! Using these simple techniques, you can easily cut calories every day without feeling deprived.

  1. Identify your daily eating routine - Many days we eat on a schedule whether you are aware of it or not. Keep a food diary for 7 days to track what you are eating and when.

  2. Make subtle changes to start - making a lifestyle change is difficult to do all in one go. This takes time and it’s important to remember that, make small changes each week such as swapping out white bread for wholemeal, full fat mince for either 5% or turkey mince.

  3. Make a list when you go shopping - Never go shopping when your hungry, have a list of what you are needing and then you are less likely to reach for things that you don’t need.

  4. Read food labels - Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks! Reading food labels makes you more aware of what’s in your food and it’s calorific value. Checking the labels for serving sizes as these can be misleading and you’ll be surprised over what quantity is actually classed as a serving size. Most labels now have a traffic light system making it easier to see which foods are better for us.

  5. Eat more fresh foods - Processed foods are far less healthy and contain far more calories than fresh foods.

  6. Find alternatives - For example I love pizza and don’t want to give it up whilst I’m trying to slim down, so I find an alternative in that I will either go for a very thin base and not a lot of toppings or I will switch for a tortilla pizza instead.

  7. Get rid of the fizzy drinks - cola etc can easily be swapped out for something else that isn’t loaded with sugar and calories. Always check the calorie content in drinks as you’d be amazed how much you are consuming through liquids alone. Drink water, if you need a caffeine fix then still drink coffee just not the calorie dense lattes or iced coffees.

  8. Limit alcohol intake - so high in calories! I’m not saying cut it out all together just drink less.

Making simple changes week in week out will all add up to that big lifestyle change.

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