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Barbell with Weights

Weight Trainers Bradford

Want to reduce body fat? Increase lean muscle mass? Burn more calories more efficiently? Weight training is the answer! 


Here at SRG Personal Training, Bradford, all of the fitness programs and advice I provide are fully informed by my own personal weight loss journey. Having experienced being a plus-sized woman who has gone through the life-changing transformation that a healthy diet and lifestyle brings, I understand more than most how difficult it can be to find that motivation, and how some days are often easier than others. 


I believe that my first-hand experience is one of the many reasons why my clients feel so comfortable training with me. My first-hand experience allows me to be empathetic to my client’s situation, whilst still remaining encouraging, and my clients can be fully honest with me, knowing that my services are always judgement-free and supportive.

Weight Training in Bradford


As we age, muscle mass naturally decreases,and our body stores more fat over time. Weight training can preserve and build your muscle mass at any age, as it uses opposing force to build strength across your body and increase muscle mass. Weight also helps to improve joint strength which may reduce the risk of falls as we age.


Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, weight training is especially beneficial for women! Want to make the general day to day tasks such as carrying the shopping, picking up the kids or running for a bus easier? Start using weights in your training.


Women naturally start to lose muscle mass quicker than men as we age, which puts us at risk of developing osteoporosis, especially as we approach and go through menopause. Weight training will help to increase bone density and muscle mass to help combat what we lose naturally, and you are never too old to start! 


Women do not ‘bulk up' from lifting weights as we do not have high enough levels of testosterone in our body to do this, what women end up with is the sculpted, strong toned look that we all want.

Other benefits to weight training include: lower cholesterol, improved stress levels, body composition (more lean muscle mass = less fat mass), posture (sat at a desk all day?) and sleep. 


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Meet all your fitness goals with the help of a weight trainer. Let's overcome limitations together and become stronger together. Contact me today for a free trial session!


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