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Fat Loss & Weight Training Coach in Bradfrord

All About Fitness

I offer small group personal training sessions from Flacks Fitness, Norman Lane, Bradford, BD2 2JU.

What's Small Group Personal Training? 


Small Group Training involves a 1 hour personal training session with you and up to 4 other ladies that have  similar goals and are facing the same challenges as you. Don't worry about keeping up with anyone else, all the sessions meet various abilities and we are all there for the same reason ..... to get amazing results and have fun doing it. Training with other women that have similar goals to you provides you with community support but also that encouragement to push each other. We focus on weight training to help you improve your strength and burn fat and we focus on conditioning to help improve your fitness levels and have you feeling amazing!

I provide you with a training program to do on your own outside of sessions and also extensive nutritional support to make sure we get you the best results. 

Availability for sessions runs from Tuesday to Saturday with both morning and evening spaces available, you just simply book yourself in through my client app. 


Get In Touch Today


If you’re ready to start your own fitness journey, or have any questions or queries, please get in touch today via: 07734 951903 or

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