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Why women should weight train

The biggest myth on this topic is that if women lift heavy weights they are going to look too masculine, too big and bulky! This is the biggest misconception amongst women in the gym. I here to tell you that you won't get big and bulky and won't look like a man! Lifting weights for women is so beneficial to our health and also our body composition.

The main benefits of females incorporating weight training in to their workouts are:

  1. You'll burn more calories - Yes you'll initially burn more calories in a cardio session but you'll burn more calories throughout the day after a weight training session! Weight training builds muscle and muscle tissue is more metabolically active thus uses calories to maintain that muscle mass.

  2. You'll reduce muscle wastage - ok ladies when we hit 30 we start to lose muscle mass, we can lose up to 22% between the ages of 30 and 70 according to research. And what does the female body replace this muscle mass with? that's right fat! Weight training 2-3 times per week will help retain muscle tissue.

  3. You'll improve your bone density- Unfortunately us ladies are more susceptible to osteoporosis as we get older and adding weight training to your routine strengthens those bones.

  4. Helps to reduce stress levels - This is very much the case for me, can't beat a bit of iron therapy! It's a great way to release those endorphins. Exercise reduces the stress hormone cortisol which may help with feelings such as anxiety.

  5. You'll build strength and confidence - That feeling of accomplishment when you hit that new PB on a heavy lift! Strength comes on in leaps and bounds as long as your consistent and burns fat along the way.

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