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Why women over 40 should lift weights instead of just cardio

I hate to break it to you ladies but doing tons of cardio and hundreds of reps with 2kg weights will not build muscle, tone you up or get rid of that stubborn fat.

Just as lifting heavy weights won’t make you bulky or manlike as women do not have the same hormone profile that men do which allows for the huge gains in muscle mass.

Weight training will:

Fight against ageing - So after we turn 30 our muscles naturally start to shrink, sucks right? By adding in strength training to your routine you can start to regain some of the required strength in your body as it naturally declines with ageing. If you are going through the menopause, then the hormonal disturbances will impact your ability to easily gain muscle, so the earlier you start strength training the more prepared your body will be for ageing.

You’ll look good - Lean muscle boosts metabolism, fat tissue is lazy. The more muscle mass you have the more efficient your body will be when using food. It may not be everyone’s main reason for going to the gym but it is the by-product of strength training. Your body composition will change when you develop lean muscle. You necessarily see this reflected on the scales but in your clothes size, measurements, and how you look in the mirror. If you want to achieve that toned look then start lifting.

Builds confidence - When you start lifting you will start to feel empowered in other parts of your life. Build your self-esteem and confidence. A good workout will lead to a rush of endorphins making you feel invincible - strong body, strong mind.

Lifting will help prevent Injury - A strong body means strong joints, and building a system of muscles that can contract, react and bounce back will help you stay injury free and keep you mobile. The main purpose of our muscular system is movement another primary purpose is maintenance of posture and body position.

Provides overall health benefits - Having a functioning body with a good metabolism will help you fight off some of the major diseases and illnesses that you get more susceptible to as you age. Supporting our structure against osteoporosis is an essential requirement if we wish to enjoy life moving forward. Having an exercise program is a proven way for women to fight diseases like diabetes and heart disease which are the biggest causes of death in females.

So on the surface weight training may look daunting, find a program that works for you, make sure you practice proper technique and use the system of progressive overload to gain strength and muscle mass.

Work within the 10-12 reps range, focus on compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, rows and presses.

I work with a lot of women that want to reap the benefits from strength training but have no experience or confidence when it comes to doing free weight exercises.

If it’s something you are interested in trying either book a trial session or fill in a consultation form.

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