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The F.I.T C9 Cleanse

So my results from the 9 day C9 cleanse.

It wasn't easy, I decided to do it because I had got in to a bit of a rut with food, I was feeling bloated, heavy just uncomfortable really. I had to take a few days off training which wasn't a bad thing thing as I weight train and do crossfit 6 days per week so my body was definitely in need of a reset, and just followed the 9 day program. This is a reset, you will not really lose any fat with this, it is as it says it is, a cleanse!

I feel I have more energy now after doing it but obviously the first couple of days I felt quite tired. I don't feel bloated any more, I feel a lot more comfortable in my clothes, I am sleeping a lot better and feel better recovered in the morning, I am drinking more water than I did, and I don't feel sluggish and heavy anymore.

So the bits you'll want to know:

My weight on Day 1 : 227.8 pounds / 16 stone 2 pounds My weight on Day 9 : 217.0 pounds / 15 stone 5 pounds

My waist measurement on Day 1 : 99cm My waist measurement on Day 9 : 93 cm

And I just want to point out again that a lot of this was water loss not fat loss, that begins now as I've started the next phase of the program. Some of my clients are also in the process of doing their cleanse or F.I.T 15 program and seeing great results not just physically but mentally as well.

If you have any questions, are thinking about starting your own weight loss journey especially now the gyms are going to open and I will be back at Puregym, Bradford, Idle from the 12th April fingers crossed, I'm currently taking bookings for trial sessions and personal training packages.

Drop me an email if you are interested in the weight management products or PT or both, I will support you every step of the way.

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