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How accountability increases results

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I'll start by saying that no I don't think it is a necessity that everyone has someone stood over them telling them what they should be eating or how they should be training, and I'm definitely not telling you that you have to change for anyone else but your self.

I know that for a time the only thing that motivated me to keep going to the gym was the fact that my personal trainer was waiting for me. It made me show up to the gym on the days that I thought I was just too tired because I'd had a long day at work or because I just couldn't be bothered. I always felt better after my gym session and it allowed me to off load the stresses of the day. Having a personal trainer gave me the support I needed to hit the gym and keep me accountable. When I trained on my own I was always thinking of hard I pushed in my PT sessions and why should it be any different when I'm on my own? And if I don't push myself my PT is going to know as the results won't show.

Having some else to be accountable to either a PT or family or friends that you're going through your journey with will increase the achievement of your goals. Not enough of us think that it's important enough to just put the work in for ourselves and so if we are doing it to not let someone else down too we are more likely to stick to it.

Going it alone is hard and there's no shame in needing that support and motivation from someone else, start to value yourself.

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