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Fat Loss Tips

So you're wanting to lose fat, maybe you're unsure as to whether you're doing the right things or just don't know where to start. Here are some tips that might help you reach your goal.

1. Start weight training - building muscle mass burns more calories, increasing muscle mass leads to increased energy expenditure leading to a reduction in fat mass especially when done alongside some cardio.

2. Eat more protein - eating more protein keeps you fuller for longer and helps to burn fat. It helps to preserve muscle mass whilst losing fat.

3. Get in a decent nights sleep - going to bed earlier can help prevent weight gain and boost fat loss. Getting at least 7 hours sleep has been proven to be optimal for helping reduce bodyweight. This can also help with reducing appetite. So limit your caffeine, switch off those screens and enjoy the extra sleep.

4. Drink more water - making sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated, drinking a glass of water before a meal may help increase fat loss.

5. Cut out refined carbs - I'll stress here that I'm not telling you to cut out carbs all together, cut back on refined carbs such as processed foods, pastries and white bread and swap them for whole grain options instead. Refined carbs spike your blood sugar levels and lead to crashes, these types of carbs can increase belly fat. Whole grains keep you fuller for longer and keep your blood sugar levels stable.

So there are loads of ways to lose fat, it's a case of finding what works for you and what you can sustain, everybody is different and what works works for one person may not work for another. You can incorporate HIIT training to your workouts or stick with steady state cardio intermixed with weight training, go with what you enjoy and be consistent with this is the most important point! you must stick to the plan you have.

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