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Why do we wait until January or Monday to start making those all important lifestyle changes?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Yes I'll start on Monday, no I'll wait until new year and start then. Sound familiar? Let's face it this is something we are all guilty of me included, it's so easy to fall in to this bad habit as it's so much easier than the alternative. It's easy to say and think yeah I'll start on Monday or in January as people think it's too hard to give up all the food they like, it's too hard to go to the gym everyday and I'll quit within a couple weeks so what's the point? This is so right and so wrong at the same time, it's correct in that most people will think right I'm going to diet to the point where I hardly eat and I'm going to exercise every day of the week and lose a ton of weight but feel absolutely exhausted. This is the norm when you jump on that diet on Monday or in January and it's totally the wrong approach, instead of thinking of jumping on a diet think more of making a sustainable lifestyle change, this has got to be something you can manage from day to day. Start small rather than cutting out all 'bad' food in one go start adding some healthier foods to your diet but don't deprive yourself of foods you like as this will more than likely lead to binges as you'll crave the foods you think you can't have. Reduce something simple like sugary drinks or how many unhealthy snacks you have a day and build from that, start doing a bit of batch cooking once a week so you know you a healthy meal at the ready. Start by adding 1-2 days per week that you know you can definitely get a workout in, jumping in to a gruelling 6 day per week exercise program when your not used to that amount of exercise can be very de-motivating not to mention hard to fit in around a busy lifestyle.

Procrastination is the easy way out, it's great that you want to make those lifestyle changes and it can feel really overwhelming figuring out where to start. Ask. I've been in this position myself and you've just got to commit to change and do it one step at a time. If you need that support, if you need that accountability and motivation that's what we are here for. Start making those changes today, are you ready?

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