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12 Week Body Confidence Program

So Ladies what's your excuse?

I've heard them all and still have clients that will use at least one of these excuses.

If your goal is to lose weight then what are you waiting for? Are you not worth putting in the effort for? It's easy to make excuses but all you are doing is holding yourself back.

I've been there and done it, I was self conscious, lazy and unhappy with how I looked. I used to dread going clothes shopping because I struggled to get clothes I liked in my size or they just look good.

The hardest part is to start, and it can be something small like cutting back on snacking or adding a few walks in to your weekly routine.

You should never feel ashamed but proud that you start making those healthier changes.

From Monday 31st August I will be running a 12 week Body Confidence Program for Ladies that are wanting to lose weight, get fitter and build their confidence and self worth.

If this sounds as though you would benefit from this program then please fill in the form below and I will be in touch to go through how it works in more detail:

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