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Female Personal Trainer in Bradford

Welcome to SRG Personal Training. My name is Sophie, and I am an impassioned and dedicated female personal trainer, committed to providing completely bespoke and personalised fitness training programmes.

Like many people, my fitness journey began when I became dissatisfied with my appearance, and felt like I needed to make a change in my life. I made the choice to take strident steps towards becoming a better version of myself, and want to share the vital skills I have developed with the people of Bradford, to help change their health and wellbeing for the better.


Specialising in women’s weight loss and introducing women to weight training, my goal is to help you a become stronger, healthier, and more confident versions of yourself. I also have extensive experience of working with clients suffering from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

I am fully qualified and certified, and hold a level 2 & 3 Personal Training certificate, alongside Advanced Resistance Training, Nutrition & Weight Management and more. No matter your fitness goals, level of experience and health, I guarantee to curate a program that meets your every need.


Expert Female Personal Trainer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Get the results your after with a program that suits your lifestyle

As a certified personal trainer, I have the experience and the knowledge to get you the results your after. I specialise in women's fat loss and weight training and can help you make those all important lifestyle changes. After loosing a considerable amount of weight myself I know how hard it is and understand the struggles women face when trying to lose weight and I want to help you stay motivated and make the changes necessary to live a healthy and active lifestyle so I'm dedicated to help women do the same and make it an enjoyable experience.

What Does A Personal Fitness Coach Do?


People hire personal trainers for various different reasons, be that for weight loss, health or aesthetic reasons. However, many people opt for a personal trainer alongside exercising and eating well, as they are able to teach you how to exercise & use equipment correctly, avoid injury, and help create effective results. 


Many clients also hire personal trainers to help evaluate their current training and nutritional program, as their progress may have haltered or plateaued. A personal trainer is able to examine your goals, and create new and unique solutions to kick start your progress once again. For example, a PT may suggest more cardiovascular exercises if you’re struggling with fat loss, or may suggest strength training to boost your muscle development. Furthermore, having a PT on hand is excellent for keeping you motivated, pushes you to work harder, and holds you accountable for your own progress and daily habits.


During my own fitness journey, I found that the further I progressed, the more difficult it was to keep moving towards my goals. However, when I turned to a personal trainer for help, I dropped 3 whole dress sizes, and began to feel stronger, energised, and more comfortable in my own skin than ever. Hiring a personal trainer made me realise how much joy that can be found in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and after pursuing to become a professional personal trainer myself, I have not looked back since.


Start losing weight, toning up & feeling great!

Lose fat, tone up and feel more confident! 


Guided by an expert in women's fat loss, follow a personalised program that gets you results and fits in with your busy lifestyle. I work with clients that have never trained before, are unsure where to start or what to do to get the results they are after. I start where you start, programming built around your current ability and I help you to progress and keep progressing.


Online personal training gives you more freedom to train around your schedule, doesn't require you join a gym or even use any equipment! Whether you want to train at home or in the gym, I tailor everything to your needs. Confused about food? I provide nutritional support to make sure you get the results you want without going on a diet!

If you've joined slimming groups in the past and like me hated getting weighed weekly in front of strangers, feeling judged and demoralised because the scales didn't move even though you thought you'd done everything right, then work with me 1-2-1 and see that it's not a one size fits all approach, it's not purely focussed on the scales. Your program should be tailored to you and your goals. Let me help you with a healthy eating plan that works for you, an exercise plan that suits you and that you enjoy. It's not all about going to the gym and I understand that it isn't everyone's idea of fun. 


For women that want to take the guess work out of training, get results in as little as 6 weeks and be given the support and knowledge you need to succeed longterm.

​Get real results at an affordable price! 

How it Works


Fill in an application form below, we'll then be in touch to discuss your program and how we can help you get those all important results you're after, receive your welcome pack, nutrition guide and recipe books.

Training Program

Receive your bespoke training program with expert exercise guidance designed around your goals, current exercise ability, fits in with your daily schedule and most importantly something that you enjoy.

Calorie Plan

We also tailor your daily calories according to your goal and provide the nutritional support you'll need to compliment your training program.

Mobile App

All training and calorie programs are run through our top notch personal training software App. Provides you with a video library for each and every exercise, record all training and nutrition on the App and see how well you are progressing. 

Daily Support

Instant messaging and daily reminders provide you all you need to succeed in your weight loss goals.


Lose fat, build muscle, improve fitness and feel great! 



All the tools to ensure you succeed 

£110 per month

Our most popular package! If you strive for real results and want to receive the guidance you need from our expert personal trainer that will set you up to succeed. You will work directly with your personal trainer and have regular weekly check ins to track your progress and make any necessary changes to ensure you are committed to life long habits.

  • 1-2-1 Dedicated Expert Personal Trainer 

  • Onboarding Welcome Call

  • Bespoke Training program that provides all the exercise guidance you need.

  • Nutrition 

  • Free Mobile App

  • Be part of our WhatsApp community of like minded awesome people

  • Weekly Online Check Ins

  • Compliance & Accountability Tracking

  • Results Tracking software

  • Unlimited instant messaging

  • Most Popular Program

Sophie has worked wonders with me in the short time I have been trained by her- down to earth and helpful advice from a friendly, dedicated PT. 10/10


Sophie is friendly, supportive and genuinely cares for your wellbeing and motivates you to help you to achieve your goals. With Sophie's encouragement, expertise and guidance, my strength and general fitness level has greatly improved. I really enjoy and look forward to the sessions which are challenging, interesting and fun. The advice Sophie has given me on nutrition has been very helpful. Sophie is a first class personal trainer and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Lynne B

I had never really done much weight training, I didn't know what I was doing and was lacking in confidence to even go in to the weights area and give it a try. I couldn't of done it without Sophie, not only in getting my technique right and coaching me but also giving the confidence to believe in myself and just do it.

Vicki K

Sophie is a top - class trainer. She is genuinely interested in your progress, easy to talk to about your personal goals, and is always coming up new and highly creative workouts.

Sharon M

I wanted to learn more about training with weights. I knew the basics but Sophie has shown me that there are lots of ways to train. Sophie's PT sessions never have a dull moment and she is always full of fresh ideas.

Jane B


Sophie is extremely good at what she does!  I Started the gym not expecting much from myself due to previous failures. I started personal training and Sophie has shown me a way to get fit without the boring treadmill or cross trainer. I look forward to going to the gym and my PT sessions as Sophie is not only patient, but goes out of her way to make sure your fitness needs are catered for. I highly recommend SRG personal training and will continue to use their PT services to help me along my fitness journey.

Ryan N

Sophie has helped me get fitter and actually enjoy exercise. she is down to earth, approachable and very helpful. she is a fantastic personal trainer.

Joanne H

Sophie has been my personal trainer for the past nine months and she’s adapted my training routine over this time. I chose Sophie because she is qualified to also deliver antenatal and postnatal training. 
At the time, my aim was to tone up and lose weight, knowing that she would be able to continue as my PT when I’d be lucky enough to get pregnant. I also had a shoulder operation 9 years ago and also suffered a back injury. I lacked confidence using weights and avoided anything I thought would aggravate the pain. Since having Sophie as my PT, I haven’t had any back problems and my shoulder hasn’t stiffened even as it becomes cold.
Sophie showed me which exercises were safe and created a weekly workout even when I was on holiday to do indoors. With her support, I would never have lost over 2 stone in the space of 4 months by exercising as often as I did and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; I didn’t like exercise and lacked confidence at the gym; now, with her help, I look forward to the gym and know how to use the machines and weights that once looked daunting. 
I recommend Sophie as a PT to anyone as she has adapted my workouts at different points. She motivated me, and still motivates me, to surpass what I ever expected to be able to do with weights or other exercises! With the added bonus of losing weight, I finally became pregnant and think this is also down to her support to manage my lifestyle, stress levels and exercise routine. Since then, she has taken the time to provide personalised workouts for each trimester and I continue to maintain a balance between toning and preparing my body for the next challenge!

Rachel G

Sophie is a great PT, she is friendly, supportive, down to earth and
encourages you to push yourself but safely. I only started working
out with Sophie in March so unfortunately didn’t manage to get that
many sessions in before the dreaded ‘lockdown’. However, I get
workouts 3 times a week to do at home and still she manages to
send encouragement and changes your workout to suit your needs
and is always checking to make sure you are ok. I even get
exercises specially for my back as I have been suffering with bad
backache for the last few months!!
I have never stuck at working out at home before, even though I
had a treadmill, rower etc, or sticking with a PT for long and not
just because of the cost, but because they never really ‘cared’ but
since starting with Sophie, I manage to get through my routines
each week, not always on time! And this is because of Sophie’s
encouragement and she really cares about her work and you.
If you want a PT then I would highly recommend Sophie, no matter
what your age (I am 62), your ability or fitness level. She will sort
you out!!!

Linda J


Here's a free help guide on diet and nutrition. There's a lot of confusing information out there so we put together a short guide to give you the info you need on what to eat and why.

If your interested in any of the services we offer but need a little more help please get in touch.

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